QIA Champions League 2017
10 a side football - Male

1.       QIA Champions League for K-Mart Trophy is the name of this tournament.

2.       QIA is organizing Indian expatriates football tournament in Qatar in order to express solidarity with the forth-coming FIFA World cup 2022 and Qatar National Vision 2030.

3.       Registration fee will be QR. 1,000.00 paid by Cash during Submission of Registration form

4.       Any Indian Citizen with valid Resident Permit in Qatar can participate in this tournament. And each team can accommodate 4 guest players (With Visit Visa).

5.       Those who are representing out of Kerala team can accommodate maximum 5 Kerala players.

6.       All FIFA rules will be followed.

7.       Each team can register 18 players with all relevant documents, out of 18, 7 will be substitutes.Each team has five (4+ Goalkeeper) changes in every game.

8.       In league matches and quarter finals, the total time of the game is 60 minutes, 30 minutes for eachhalf and 10 minutes’ break between them. Semis and Final will be 90 minutes’ game with 15 minutes break.

9.       Teams should report to the ground at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the game to be able to warm up. If any team is late to field in the ground by 15 minutes from official match start time without any acceptable reason, or does not have the complete or at least the minimum number of players which is 9, the match will be automatically declared a forfeit, with the result of 0-1

10.   All team members should wear numbered jerseys of the same type.

11.   Teams should give the 18-member list with the jersey numbers of each player before the first match and each player should wear the same Jersey number throughout the tournament. Once registered in the team list, the jersey number won’t be allowed to change under any circumstances.

12.   Teams will be divided into 2 groups, each group consists of 5 teams, the top 2 teams of each group will qualify for the Semi-Final.

13.   3 points for the winner and 1 point for draw. In case of a draw for more than one team occurs for a position, the following criteria will be considered based in the order

-          Superior Goal difference

-          Most goals scored.

-          Most points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned.

-          Lesser violation points (Yellow cards will be considered as 1 point and direct red card as 3 points).

-          Drawing of lots by the technical committee.

14.   If any player receives two yellow cards in same match (which will immediately turn out as a red) or in case a player receives a direct red card, he should leave the ground immediately to the stands or gallery. The same rule applies to any team officials who is sent off by the referee. A red-carded player (on or off the field) will not be allowed to play in the following game. However, the suspension can be more than 1 match, if the match officials or the technical committee thinks the act of violation was of severe threat.

15.   If a player receives 2 yellow cards in consecutive matches, he cannot play the next match. The accumulation of yellow cards will be canceled after the quarter finals, while the effect of red card bans will remain valid until the end of the tournament.

16.   If any player insults or attacks a Match Referee, any other Match Officials or any member of the organizing committee, his participation for the rest of the tournament will be cancelled.

17.   The organizing committee has the right to take the appropriate decision regarding players based on the referee’s opinion.

18.   In case of complaints, teams can write a letter of complaint and submit it directly to the responsible person of the organizing committee soon after the end of their game (but within 30 Minutes).

19.   The organizing committee might modify the schedule and by-law of the tournament if necessary, and inform the teams 24 hours before the game.